Blood, Sex, and the Eucharist

The final paper I wrote when I was at UCSD was a short piece for my adviser, Joel Robbins, which I called “Blood, Sex, and the Eucharist.” It was putting on paper an idea I had had for some time, bringing together the world of discourse analysis ala Michel Foucault with an observation about reception of the eucharist and its implications for sacramental theology. At the suggestion of my adviser, I submitted the paper to New Blackfriars, a journal edited by the Dominicans of the English Province. After a small number of corrections the paper was accepted for publication and just today came out on Blackwell’s OnlineEarly, ahead of its inclusion in the March issue of the journal. For those with a subscription to Blackwell Synergy (you probably have this if you are accessing the internet from a university of through a university proxy), you can read “Blood, Sex, and the Eucharist: A Discourse Analysis on the Reception of the Precious Blood”. Otherwise, if you are interested, shoot me an e-mail and I’ll send you a PDF of the paper.

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