Theology Online

Starting in June I will be joining the ranks of fellow facilitators of online theology courses offered through the University of Notre Dame’s Satellite Theological Education Program (STEP). STEP courses are designed by Notre Dame faculty and then facilitated by any of a number of people, most of whom have at least a masters degree in theology. The first course I will be teaching is an introduction to and survey of Catholic Social Teaching. I will be doing other courses on the RCIA and liturgy in the future. Anyone can take the courses and I have been recommending it to many of our parishioners as a way to keep up their ongoing faith formation, especially since those blessed to live in the Diocese of Raleigh get a 40% discount on the courses. (Notre Dame alumni and some other diocese qualify for discounts as well). A wide variety of courses are offered in scripture, liturgy, history, moral theology, spirituality, contemporary issues, and guided reading of many popular works. Having taken an online course early in the year on the Gospel of John, I can say that these online courses are certainly not like doing a ‘real’ course, but we had many good discussions, I learned a great deal, and felt that I was getting to keep up on my theological education. In addition to the pay, I am happy to be a part of this mission of the Church!

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