News from Michelle

This week I learned that I have been awarded an American Heart Association Fellowship. The application was submitted in January and we had been told “some time in May” was when we would learn the results. As May wore on, each check of email got a bit more hair-raising. On Tuesday I got an email informing me of my score on the grant and finally on Friday we learned the score necessary to receive the fellowship. While it will certainly good to get the money, this is also an excellent resume-builder, showing the most important success as a scientist – obtaining funding! Andy helped me celebrate by grilling some pork chops on our new (to us) grill and picking up a bottle of Tequila Rose, one of my all-time favorite girly drinks.

Other recent successes include the growing of our garden. Everything is still in pots, but we have many tomato and cucumber plants getting really big and starting to flower. Also we have been picking off of our lettuce and basil plants already; we have some flower seedlings from a friend and sunflowers coming into their own. We are still praying for some mint seedlings to come up, which has proved difficult in the past, but we have a good thyme plant starting, a rosemary bush that came back from last year, and another herb that lost it’s tag, but is probably thyme or sage. Maybe I will post some pictures to go along with this soon.

Lastly, I would like to point out our friend James Floyd’s pictures from his trip to northern CA. Modesto is the home town of George Lucas and so was a major tourist attraction to James, if not to anyone else. Starting with picture 35, you can see some nice pictures of downtown Modesto, especially our famous R2D2 mailboxes.

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