Lil' Chicks

So over the last few weeks we were convinced we were loosing some of our chickens and guinea hens, as they didn’t return to the coop at night. It seems like we may indeed have lost one, however, we found the lost guinea hens sitting upon eggs in a nest they made of the waste from cutting down trees in our pond site. We had thought we could hear them in the forest and thought we were going nuts because we couldn’t see them. According to our calculations of when they first “disappeared,” they should reappear with their brood of guinea chicks in another week or so.

Then on Thursday night, another “lost” chicken was near the house with a few chicks around her; she must’ve ran off in the forest for brooding. Once we were around, all the chicks hid beneath her and still weren’t around this morning when we left. But we got home early enough this afternoon to see them out and about. There are five in total; some have some black and gray patterns, so we tentatively think one of our black and gray roosters is the sire, but we will see when they get their real feathers.

So, it looks like our flock is naturally growing. Anyway, make sure to check out the photos of the chicks. And hopefully we will be able to report some additional new ones in another week!

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