Over three years ago I installed my first PHP based blogging system, bBlog. Given that bBlog has been out of development for over two of those years and the fact that the system’s inability to deal effectively with spam comments has resulted in my needing to manually manage over 80,000 comments, I finally decided to take the time to make a new system work. I had tried several times to migrate from bBlog to another system but no one offered an effective tool to faciliatate keeping my posts, comments, and photos I had thumbnailed in some of my bBlog posts. I decided that I could forgo the latter two and so I have installed WordPress, another PHP blogging system. WordPress is much more robust than bBlog, has an active community of open-source developers working on the system as well as building plugins and themes. Spam comments are much more readily controlled the system also allows for multiple authors, so Michelle can write her own infrequent posts under her own name. Although I regret the loss of all your previous comments (although there is still the possibility of importing them all manually), I hope you find our new WordPress blog much easier to use than the previous bBlog manifestation and that that will encourage you to post your comments more readily. Of course I still need to fully integrate WordPress into the design of our overall website but such aesthetics will need to wait until I make time for it.

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