Lambing Jacobs

newborn lambWe have baby sheep! Yesterday evening, right before some people were coming over for dinner, I went to take the sheep their dinner and suddenly our three sheep came followed by a little lamb! Dinah, the younger of a our ewes, gave birth to what seems to be a healthy and well-conformed Jacob lamb. Its name, like its sex, is yet to be determined.

When we were given the sheep in February, Diane had told us that the ewes might be pregnant, having been with a mature ram earlier. She told us to expect lambs in May (about right for their gestation of 145 days). May came and went. Because they were under so much wool, it was difficult to see any signs of pregnancy anyway. And the young man who helped us in shearing the sheep suggested that they did not look pregnant to him, we simply expected our ewes to give birth next spring. The last week or so, however, Michelle noticed that both ewes udders were extruded, which we simply chalked up to their being hot and attempting to make every available surface a potential cool down. Well, fortunately we were wrong! And, given what we now know, it seems like Rebbecca will be giving birth very soon….

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