Fire Ring

backyard bonfireI made a fire ring today and, in addition to finally properly disposing of a number liturgical items that were no longer in use that needed to either be burned or buried, I was also able to collect and burn some fallen tree limbs and various other twigs that were close at hand before the evening rain really kicked in and I needed to make dinner anyway. Because I could not locate the camera, I snapped a few low-resolution photos on my phone.

The ring comprises many large pieces of quartz I found partially exposed on the other side of our house and have been excavating over many months with the hopes of building a fire ring. With a little ingenuity, only marginal injuries to my hands and left heel, and my farm cart I managed to get all of the stones to a place visible from our back porch that is not too close to the forest and was in an already cleared space where I have not been able to get any grass to take root anyway.

I am really looking forward to spring mornings sitting in our rocking chairs on the front porch with our daughter, fishing in our pond in the afternoon soon to be aerated by my latest acquisition, and then sitting around the fire in the evening.

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