Halfway There!

growing gutThis week marks twenty weeks of pregnancy, and we had our monthly checkup yesterday. The last few weeks have shown some changes, especially in the size of my belly. It seems like we have been talking about this pregnancy for so long, so it is nice to have something to show for it finally!  I have also noticed that my appetite has been back to normal – 3 meals per day – rather than many littler ones – but those meals have been quite big! Everything went fine at the checkup – we heard the heartbeat again, despite the midwife having to chase her around between movements! Thus far three of the medical professionals have remarked on the activity of our daughter! The midwife also helped convince me that some of the fluttering I have felt was not in fact the result of too much turkey, but was actually the baby moving. As she pressed on my belly with the Doppler instrument to hear the heartbeat, I could definitely feel the baby react to being poked, and I could hear it correspond with the sound on the Doppler!

Starting at about 20 weeks, the doctors measure the fundal height (the distance from your pubic bone to the top of your uterus) to assess the baby’s size, growth rate, and position. As a rule of thumb, the height (in centimeters) should roughly equal the number of weeks you’re pregnant.  Yesterday I was right on track at 20cm. The scary thing about this is that we are at the halfway point in pregnancy, which means I am only halfway as large as I am going to get! And for those inquiring minds, the baby is the length of a banana this week.

When we found about the pregnancy, Andy starting taking pictures of me in more or less the same position, so we could have a record of the growth of me and the baby. Despite feeling different for quite some time, it really has only been in the last few weeks that anyone else has been able to see any change. We will continue to update the gallery as things progress. Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “Halfway There!

  1. Nice progression! I have made the switch to maternity shirts and it’s pretty comfy. Yay for growing babies and preggy bellies!

  2. I LOVE to get these updates!!!!!! Now, it really does look like you’re pregnant Michelle!!!!! We are so excited and happy, not only for you two, but for the whole family!!!! WOOHOO!

  3. Hi Andy and Michelle, I am Sue’s friend Holly, everyone is so excited for you and your upcoming blessed event! I am the last Mom in my group of friends who is not a grandma so I am enjoying seeing how excited Lee and Sue are over the baby! I just wanted to say hi and congrats! Holly

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