Baby Showers

Over the last month or so we have been blessed with many friends and coworkers throwing baby showers for us!

Michelle with loot The first was a surprise shower at Andy’s work coinciding with their staff birthday luncheon for February. Jennifer, one of Andy’s coworkers, secretly invited me to show up for lunch, but with our carpooling I had to get Jennifer to pick me up beforehand. While Andy was distracted with having been moving his office to the church basement and making his contribution of Penne Carbonara, since the theme of the month was Italian food, he was completely surprised when I arrived for the amazing Italian feast and as the procession of gifts began. A group of Andy’s coworkers went together on what Jennifer picked out as a large gift: our stroller and a children’s book of The Story of Saint Tekle of Ethiopia. One of the funny stories to have emerged was our getting three Boppies which apparently happened as three coworkers more or less simultaneously purchased them from our baby registry at three different locations! This of course prompted April to include the following cheeky introduction to the staff meeting minutes:

With the baby shower happening today, it reminded me again what a perfect gift Staff Meeting Minutes could make. Staff Meeting Minutes can fit into many parts of your life and your child’s life. Perhaps you could read Staff Meeting Minutes to the baby at bed time. Or, photocopy lines from Staff Meeting Minutes and make a mobile out of it. What’s more soothing than that? Also, and this is just an idea, the baby could play with (and possibly read, if he/she is a genius) Staff Meeting Minutes while it sits in its Boppy. And then, he/she can do it all over again as he/she sits in the other two Boppies Andrew and Michelle received. It’s fun for the child, parents and the Boppy! See what I mean by reading this week’s Staff Meeting Minutes…

As soon as we got home Andy set his facebook status to acknowledge our being blessed to have such wonderful and generous colleagues.

Michelle with loot Earlier this month we had a shower by friends of mine at Duke. Our friend Natasha, who used to work in the lab with me but has now moved to Florida, was planning a trip to visit friends in North Carolina and suggested having a shower while she was in town. My graduate student friend Amanda had also shown interested in throwing a shower, so I decided to put them together, and we had a Dukie shower with people from the lab and other grad student friends in labs at Duke. The shower was attended by many people, including international members of the lab for whom it was their first baby shower. We played a few games, including Baby Taboo and a jarred baby food guessing game (did you know they have puréed mac and cheese??!!) We had a ton of awesome food, including several egg dishes that Amanda made with eggs from our chickens. We received many gifts from this shower – my lab members got together and bought a very nice rocking chair and ottoman that we had registered for. We also received many nice items from the registry, and a few other things that you can see in the pictures. Overall it was a great event and we feel blessed to have such generous friends.

Last weekend, thanks to Georgie Clemens and Mary Workman, we had a great shower for Saint Thomas More people, Andy’s aunt, and a few others. Georgie and Mary prepared great desserts for everyone, and we played a baby game that was guessing candy bar names through clues having something to do with baby. It was great to just hang out with many church friends, many of whom are very experienced moms, and have offered their help and advice should we need it. We will keep their numbers very handy. This seemed to be the clothes shower, as our daughter now is fully stocked with onesies and many other outfits, including a Halloween dress! We also received many other useful items from our registry and some other toys and bath items.

Today we spent some time going through many of the baby items we have accumulated thus far, and we have done some laundry and started putting things away in the new dresser we bought for baby things. Now we can check off some more of the packed items in our hospital bag.

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