One month checkup

Miriam Eileen CasadToday we had Miriam’s one month well-baby checkup with her physician. She weighed 3.91kg (9lbs 15oz) and was nncm (23in) long. The doctor checked some of Miriam’s reflexes and listened to her chest and stomach and all seems to be normal. Miriam even performed a big loud poop while we were waiting, so the doctor got to tell us that all seemed normal in the diaper department as well!

Since the last post when Andy’s parents arrived, we have had a whirlwind visit with the first set of grandparents. We have enjoyed having extra hands around to help with Miriam and things around the house including Andy and his dad doing various projects like installing bathroom fans and pond aerators.

I spent my first Mothers’ Day surrounded by lots of family. Andy recommended to Miriam that she take me to Maple View Farm and get some ice cream after we went to Saturday evening Mass—I definitely approved of their choice. On Sunday we all headed to Andy’s Aunt’s house in Fuquay-Varina and visited with more Casad relatives and ate awesome food. We were somewhat concerned about the hour-long drive, given that the majority of Miriam’s screaming bouts occur when she is in the carseat. But we had a major victory through some appropriately timed long feeding sessions just before getting in the car.

Yesterday Miriam’s Aunt Christi arrived from San Diego to start the deluge of visitors arriving for Miriam’s baptism next Sunday. She brought In-N-Out Double Double burgers for us—one of the things we really miss from southern California! Despite being cold, they made an awesome breakfast and were a great surprise. Yesterday afternoon we took the whole clan to the Duke Lemur Center to take a tour. It was a gorgeous spring day and our tour guide was very nice, so everyone seemed to enjoy the outing. Afterward Andy’s parents wanted to get in a visit to Cracker Barrel while they were on this side of the country, so we took Miriam to her first sit-down restaurant. Despite not staying asleep long, she did really well in our laps, and hardly made any noise at all.

We are continuing to post new pictures, and they will probably increase considerably over the weekend, with the arrival of eight more family members (and a proportionately large increase in the number of cameras) in the next few days!

One thought on “One month checkup

  1. Your one month baby’s weight had reached 3.91kg? Fantastic, my baby with her birth-weight was 3.2 kg only reached 3.4 kg when she was one month. How your baby’s birth-weight actually?

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