Two months and counting

Miriam on the baby scaleMiriam had her two month checkup today at which she received her first of several batteries of immunizations. She weighed in at 5.22kg (11lbs, 8oz) and measured 60cm (23.5in) long with a head circumference of 85.5cm all of which are happily right around the 50th percentile for an infant of Miriam’s age. Her immunizations included diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis injection; a second hepatitis B combined with polio and pneumonia injection; and an oral rotavirus. While Miriam did, as predicted, wail the loudest we’ve yet heard when stuck, she calmed down very quickly after I handed to Michelle who was at the ready with a soothing breast.

Afterward we dropped Miriam off with a couple friends who live near UNC in order for Michelle and I to go visit Mary Ellen, John, and their newborn son, Hugh William (born Tuesday, June 23). We swapped stories of birthing, the first days, and other such things. Hugh and Mary Ellen are both very well and will be coming home tomorrow.

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