Fourth of July

Miriam with her great aunt Betty CasadThis weekend we were blessed to be visited by my Uncle Gene and his wife Betty, who are back in North America for a few months interim in Gene’s teaching and preparing field research for publication at the University of Gdańsk, Poland. They arrived into RDU late Wednesday evening and stayed with my Aunt MaryAnn until Friday afternoon when she brought them out to our place. After meeting Miriam, touring the farm, and a dinner of shrimp n’ grits with cooked greens we headed off to introduce them to Maple View ice cream. We spent the rest of the evening looking at photographs of my uncle’s collection of minerals and fossils, swapping stories of fieldwork and ministry, and hearing about both their successes and trails in the ongoing work of translation of the scriptures into Cora (an indigenous language of Nayarit, Mexico) with which my uncle has been engaged for over three decades.

Carrboro Community BandWe started off the holiday itself at the Carrboro Community Fourth of July in order to hear our friend Anne and her community band as well as to take in performances by the Cane Creek Cloggers. Then, after a brief jaunt by Saint Thomas More, we went to my Aunt MaryAnn’s place for a big shindig with her daughter and grandchildren along with many of her friends. It was great to get the opportunity to catch up with my Uncle Gene and Aunt Betty, to learn of the great work they’re continuing to do, and to support them through some of the challenges with which they’ve been faced as of late.

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