Nonna and Grandpa visit Miriam (and us)

Nonna and Grandpa Jim holding Miriam while skyping with Miriam's Aunt Frances and JonFor almost two weeks now my parents have been visiting their granddaughter—and have even deigned to interact with Andy and me as well. We have enjoyed having a few extra hands around to help with Miriam and we have enjoyed some of the Johnson family’s favorite dishes. In the last few weeks that I had been getting back to work, my routine on Tuesdays and Thursdays had been to be in the lab in the afternoon and evening. Therefore I especially enjoyed being able to go back to working reasonable hours those days and being home with everyone in the evening. Miriam has been changing rapidly in the last few weeks, so my parents have been privileged to see her absolutely master head control, roll over from front to back for the first time, and also for the first time really reach out and grab things willfully, including playing with her feet.

During their visit to North Carolina my parents wanted to visit a few things. They took Miriam to her first professional baseball game – and we got to go too – by attending a Durham Bull’s game, in which Miriam donned her Duke baseball outfit (same blue color and big D). My parents also went to Raleigh to the Museum of Natural Sciences where there is a chocolate exhibit that Andy and I had seen many years ago at the Field Museum in Chicago. They also completed their promised gift of a new highchair, which we all picked out together, and as you can see in the pictures Miriam is currently using it as a toy buffet.

Other exciting outings in the Chapel Hill area included Maple View ice cream and Pepper’s Pizza. We were also lucky to have instant babysitting so that Andy and I could go out in celebration of our 8th anniversary yesterday. We had an amazing Indian dinner at Mint on Franklin Street.

After a big breakfast this morning, my parents are off to attend a wedding in York, Pennsylvania this weekend.

One thought on “Nonna and Grandpa visit Miriam (and us)

  1. Hi Michelle!
    I would love to leave a comment if I could see the pictures of Baby Miriam but I can’t.
    Aunt Mildred

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