Lake Day IV

Andy holding Miriam up in the lakeOn Thursday Andy, Miriam and I got to enjoy my lab’s annual field trip to Lake Hyco, where my boss has a lake house. This year’s unofficial theme seemed to revolve around children, as it seemed to everyone that our lab seems to be multiplying quickly. There were more than 10 children from high school age through Miriam, two of whom had been born since last year’s event… We brought Miriam’s bumbo chair so we would have a place to set her down at the dock. She spent significant time hanging out in the chair, and some of the older kids had fun seeing if they could still fit in it themselves. Luckily Miriam was having a good day and so she allowed many other people the privilege of holding her.

Despite the scorching weather earlier in the week, we had a cooler, cloudier day, however the rain and lightning held off. Everyone had a good time seeing Miriam again, and as you can see in the pictures she seemed to have fun as well. One thing that being parents has changed about us is that even with the cloudy weather we were much more responsible about our sun exposure. The clouds helped a lot, but having Miriam’s SPF 50 sunblock around and being aware of keeping her protected meant that all of us are much less roasted than we had been in previous years.

Last year Andy and I were both extremely proud of ourselves for finally getting up on the water-skies, and I am proud to say that I was successful again this year! It took a third try, but I got to my standing position which also includes a huge bug-catching smile for the entire duration of the ride. Due to the large number of participants in this year’s Lake Day, Andy chose to just take a wild ride on the 3 person tubing apparatus, and while he didn’t have to tackle the challenge of standing up on skies, the bumpy ride of the tube is making sitting a bit challenging for him today.

After a bit of “marital negotiations”, Andy decided that Miriam needed to go for a swim. As you can see in the pictures, she got in the water twice: once with Andy on a raft, and once with a very nice baby life jacket. Andy claims that she liked being in the water, but I think she was happier when she finally got the life jacket off.

After a great day on the water, we all headed to the house for a great potluck dinner. As usual, the international flair of the lab came through, especially with many Chinese and Indian dishes. Andy gave everyone a taste of San Diego, as we brought the makings for Fish Tacos of grilled fish with cilantro and lemon, homemade tomatillo salsa and tortillas.

One thought on “Lake Day IV

  1. Glad you guys were able to go, that you had a good time, that Miss Miriam was such a good little girl (what else would one expect?), and that no one got horribly sun burned. Now you have it all to look forward to again next year šŸ™‚

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