Four Months

Miriam in her highchairMiriam had her four month check-up yesterday. Since her last checkup she has grown and gained weight as expected so now is 26 inches tall, weighs 6.44kg (14 pounds, 3 ounces) and has a head circumference of 40.5cm (15¾ inches). This keeps her squarely at the average for her age for weight and head circumference but means she is tracking in the 95th percentile for height—maybe being in North Carolina predisposes her to playing basketball in more ways than we thought. She also received a second round of all the immunizations she received previously.

Miriam in her highchairDevelopmentally Miriam has been rolling from her back to her stomach for a little over a month but has not been able to do the reverse which is equally frustrating to us all. She holds her head up well, finds standing (with assistance of course) her favorite posture, has taken to chewing on everything which she can powerfully grasp, and has a best friend in her left thumb. Finally, that which is most appealing is that Miriam continues to grow ever more facially and vocally expressive with each day. She loves to watch and laugh at Linus, seems to be studying the world intensely, and is growing increasingly fond of mirrors.

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