Five Months

Miriam eatingMiriam is now past the five month mark. She continues to grow in body and in personality. She is finally able to roll from tummy to back, although she doesn’t yet do so regularly. When on her tummy she has started to inch along and spin around to reach things including toys and the dog and cats. Linus is her favorite and she often greets him with a loud screech. Other communication seems to include her sound for food, which she will do when sitting on Michelle’s lap and getting ready to nurse or when she sees Andy preparing a bottle. She is almost able to sit but even with a little support it is one of her favorite positions although she throws herself forward all the time. Miriam is also interested in everything we do. She tries to grab everything and touch everything we are holding. This is making eating and drinking harder to do.

Miriam had a cold last week but seems to be better now. She never had a fever, had a stuffy nose for a few days, and is now coughing a little. We talked on the phone with the doctor and she agreed that without a fever it was probably safer for her to just stay at home rather than risk exposure at the clinic. Unfortunately I seem to have also caught the cold but am already feeling better as well.

This weekend I decided to try to give Miriam some rice cereal mixed with breast milk. Despite her extreme interest in the spoon, Miriam made some hilarious faces when taking the cereal, that Andy has translated to “ewww, what is this crap????” We think that a little of the cereal made it into her stomach but a good amount of it got all over her face and body as well as all over the highchair.

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