Six Months

Miriam dressed for the fair26 weeks ago yesterday morning or six calendar months from today Miriam was born. While it would be quite difficult to recite a comprehensive litany of all her developmental changes in this first half year, most notable recently have been her a) mastery of what I call the baboon, or her upright sitting posture (although she cannot yet get there unaided), b) bear posture or her pushed-up on all fours about to crawl, and c) eating some semblance of solid foods. In honor of Miriam’s half birthday yesterday we gave her her first avocado which she seemed to appreciate much more than the previous experience with prunes. Then this afternoon she and I went to the North Carolina State Fair with Father John. Although it will be one more week until her next doctor’s appointment, Miriam now weighs over 16 pounds (7.3kg) without eating even a single deep-fried Twinkie. Despite Miriam now being a half-year old I want to know: why I am still less than half-way through the 800 page What To Expect: The First Year (Murkoff et al. 2003)?

One thought on “Six Months

  1. Of course she is absolutely adorable & progressing right on schedule. Neither of our kids liked carrots at that age but learned to eat them later in life. Lynn never learned to eat sliced tomatoes & Lee refused to eat green peas in any way shape or form.

    When are you bringing her to Escondido so we can all spoil her rotten? I get first dibs after your mother.

    Aunt Mildred

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