What a difference a week makes – 6 months and one week.

Last week Andy posted about some of Miriam’s developments on her six month birthday, but boy what a difference a week makes. For the last couple weeks Miriam has been becoming more mobile, shuffling around on her belly, spinning herself to look different directions. She had been getting up on her knees and even on her feet into a push-up position but she wasn’t really moving anywhere. However on Sunday she finally put it all together, and is crawling around everywhere.

In the last few months, multiple friends have commented to us “oh, these months are so nice when they are interactive, but not yet mobile”. On Sunday we made a run to Home Depot to start the full blown baby-proofing of our house, and we are beginning to understand what our friends meant. Besides our laptop computer cables, Miriam’s favorite items to chase after are the cats, especially when they are all curled up unsuspectingly on the bean bag chair, and air conditioning vents which make great noises when you bang things against them.

I like to say that Sunday was a day of “C’s” because in addition to crawling, Miriam also started clapping and tasted carrots for the first time. She has become an instant clapping fanatic, including when she is in a semi-awake state, and especially when looking in a mirror.

All this excitement, or a growth spurt, or some unknown cause has disrupted Miriam’s great sleeping habits. She had been sleeping 6-7 hours at a time during the night, but now has resumed waking up several times during the night. We are working on getting her into a more constant schedule, but it is slow going on that front. We continue to try to give Miriam some solid foods, although another of Miriam’s new talents is blowing food out of her mouth (rather than just spitting it out). We have now added carrots to her pallet, which she seems to like a bit, but little food of any kind seems to make it into her stomach yet.

Miriam had her six month doctor’s appointment this week and she continues to be tall and lean for her age: 16.3 lbs (7.42kg, 50th percentile), height 28 inches (70cm, 90th percentile), 17 inches (43cm head circumference, 60th percentile).

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