Nine Months

Michelle reading to MiriamLast year we spent so much time counting down nine months that it now seems strange that Miriam is nine months old. She had her nine month pediatric check-up today and now weighs over 18 pounds (8.27kg) and measures over 28 inches long (72cm), keeping with her trend along the 50th percentile for weight and 90th percentile for height and thus further confirming her likelihood for a propensity toward basketball sandwiched, as she is, between Duke and UNC. Since her last check-up Miriam has grown quite a head of hair and added two bottom teeth to her appearance. She eats most everything we have given her thus far. Her favorites include banana, pear, cheerios, and teething cookies. The last few weeks she has revolted against being fed from a spoon, so we have allowed her to feed herself cooked potatoes and carrots in diced form rather than mashed and she seems to get most of it in her stomach. She and Linus have seemed to have formed the bond which we predicted with Linus hovering under the highchair at all times awaiting Miriam’s casting down food from on high once she gets bored. Linus seems to especially appreciate that Miriam is now a carnivore and enjoys eating chicken. We finally have given her bread this last week which has proven to be a useful ability while out at friends’ houses or restaurants as we ordered a “side of toast” for her while out to lunch last Sunday that occupied her while we enjoyed our own sandwiches.

Michelle reading to MiriamMiriam’s mobility is ever increasing. She crawls at amazing speeds now and she pulls up everywhere possible including couches, chairs, coffee tables, and our legs. She even grabbed Linus’ collar and pulled up on him once while Linus was in a particularly clingy mood and wasn’t desperate to run away. She is just beginning to lean and step while up so walking probably will not be too far off. Going up steps is a new activity and just today she made it all the way to the second floor of our house unassisted but under very close, in fact coaxed, supervision. We haven’t worked on getting down steps quite yet. Miriam is beginning the transition from just eating books to actually reading them. She will often play with a book, turning the pages for quite some time. In addition she will actually sit still while we read a book to her although it still helps if we point to things on the page as we read, a technique we regularly use to successfully gets us through all three homiletic points during Mass.

Miriam is also becoming more vocal and expressive: her first syllables were da-da and joo-joo, but she utters ma occasionally and tees-tees. She has a sing-songy expression while she is playing and she still reserves her most excited shrieks for when the cats, dog, or rooster walk by.

Miriam has also been participating in a study at Duke’s Infant Cognition Center where she has spent much less time in front of the screens than I now have as they are also gathering data on parental numeric recognition.

As always we hope you continue to enjoy the constant stream of new photos of Miriam we post.

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