Miriam is one year old

Miriam turned one on Monday, April 19th.Over the course of two days many people helped Miriam celebrate her birthday. On Sunday several candidates were received into the full communion of the Catholic Church at St Thomas More so we had a large party at our house for them and to start out the celebration of Miriam’s birthday. Over the course of the afternoon many people stopped by to congratulate the newly confirmed and the birthday girl. At one point there were five other babies under 18 months all playing with the Miram, each at a different stage of running, walking, standing, and crawling. Later in the day some cherry cupcakes arrived so we have some good pictures of the explosion that followed. Andy grilled chicken for the party, but Miriam probably enjoyed that more than any of her presents at this point – we have a seriously carnivorous daughter (this can be seen in the gallery as well)!

On Monday we continued the celebration at Maple View Farm, a dairy a couple miles from our house with a country store selling awesome ice cream on a porch with rocking chairs overlooking the fields. We invited friends to meet us there and everyone including Miriam enjoyed several ice cream cones.

In the last few months Miriam has grown and changed quite a bit. She had her checkup last week and registered the following: head 46cm weight 8.9kg height 75cm. She is doing well and has been given clearance for several foods that we have waited until after one year to give her, such as honey, nuts, and cow’s milk. Miriam has been eating many things these days and her favorites also include pear slices, and diced carrots. She will eat cheese and bread, but prefers the two to be melted together.
Miriam still relies on crawling to get around but she is an expert cruiser and pulls up everywhere to walk around. This weekend Miriam stood on her own for the first time and in the last few days she has gotten even more stable. For the last few weeks she has been pushing around a walker which has allowed her to get more steady on her feet and build some speed at times. She can let go of the coffee table or whatever item she has pulled up on or she can let go of our hands when we stand her up. Another favorite activity is to climb up into her small chair and then stand up against the back of the chair, making me quite nervous.
Because of the spring weather Miriam has had the opportunity to crawl around on the new grass in the pasture. She seems to enjoy watching us do our chores outside, especially watching the chickens around the yard.

Miriam becomes more vocal each day, and she enjoys reading herself books. She clearly says several words, including daddy, keekee (kitty), chk chk (chicken) and baby. Daddy usually means both daddy and mommy, and keekee means dog or cat, but chk chk is accurate at describing both our chickens running around in the yard and her favorite meat to eat. For the last few months Miriam has been more willing to sit still to listen to a whole book being read, but lately she has actually put a book into our lap or hands, which we assume is a hint for us to read it to her. By far her favorite story is still Sheep in a Jeep. Miriam has also started mimicking things we do, especially laughing when we laugh. She also has learned to say “oooooh” at everything she sees.

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