Miriam is walking

On May 14th Miriam took her first real steps outside on the back patio at just under thirteen months. Before this she would do some lunging steps but nothing with any control. Over last weekend she practiced falling and getting up again; after a long raining Monday stuck inside the house she perfected her stride and walking is now her preferred mode of transportation. She loves picking up shoes, books, and other surprisingly large items and carries them around the house. Other new developments include her love of climbing—the coffee table, chairs, benches, anything available—Miriam wants to get up on top of it. Also with her ever improving coordination she seems to enjoy jumping around the bath. She loves taking a bath of any sort but if we fill our jacuzzi tub just enough that she can still catch herself with her hands, she seems to leap across the tub. She is also agile enough to try to get away when we come after her with a towel to end bathtime.

Miriam loves music and bops her head to anything from Gregorian chant to techno. Hopefully these skills will come in handy next weekend at her uncle’s wedding, where he has already claimed most of Miriam’s dance card.

Included in the new pictures are videos of the first few steps.

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