‘Write on a blogroll what you see and send it…’

I have not written a blog post for over three years. Life has grown incredibly complicated in those 40 months. For some time though my goddaughter has prodded me along, like a consistent arrow to the heart (Luke 2:35), insisting that I resume blogging. Incapacitated by the daunting realization that I was unable to fully recover our hacked previous server in such a way that the photos I’d carefully chosen to be embedded in the previous 350+ blog posts and which I had linked to galleries would ever again see the light of day, I never could quite muster taking up my virtual pen once more. And life has continued to grow incredibly complicated. Moreover the microblogging of facebook status updates and galleries automatically updated from iPhoto simplified that which impelled me to begin my website in 1999 and begin blogging over ten years ago, namely, being able to share stories and photos with far-flung friends and family. Somehow, though, I always felt 140 characters and news feeds were not sufficient. I heard behind me a voice as loud as a trumpet, which said, ‘Write on a [blog]roll what you see and send it…’ (Revelation 1). So here I am, in a new city and a new ministry, with life anything but less complicated, willing to give it a go.

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